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Bridging Practice and Scholarship 

Towards a More Peaceful World 

About Me

Wow. A whole page all about me?

I have always found "about me" summaries a bit hard to write, so let me keep this brief and allow parts of my life to remain a fun mystery for those who desire a deeper connection beyond the interwebs. 

What do you want to know about me? You most likely want to know how I may be able to serve your team. Simplifying my skillsets into three categories 1) academic, 2) artist, and 3) advocate, here is what you can count on me to do: 

As an academic, my primary field is international peace studies. I am a bridge builder across disciplines with publications in a variety of journals/books. My research includes international education and policy, peace and conflict studies, atrocity prevention, genocide studies, memory studies and higher education advocacy. My teaching portfolio includes courses in government and politics, genocide prevention, internship and practicum courses and arts and environment based learning. I love co-learning with students within a community of respect and critical thinking.

As an artist, I am a formally trained theater artist, musician and graphic designer. My life is filled with the joys of art and I have incorporated the arts into my scholarly research, teaching, and advocacy work.

As an advocate, I bring passion coupled with research skill to the advocacy sphere. With success, I have held elected and appointed roles that have helped me serve my communities. While a PhD student at the University of Maryland, I was elected to represent 10,000+ graduate students as the Graduate Student Government President for 2 years and as representing 172,000+ undergraduate and graduate students as the President for the University System of Maryland Student Council. More recently, my advocacy work includes serving on the International Listening Association Board where we advocate for active listening skills in fields like education and healthcare and my work on the Semester at Sea Alumni Council where we advocate for the enriching power of international and experiential education. 

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Work Experience

Experience Highlights


Working Board Member, International Listening Association (2022-present)

President, University System of Maryland Student Council (2020-2021)

President, Graduate Student Government (2018-2020)

Graduate Representative, Presidential Search Committee, University of Maryland (2019-2020)

Graduate Student Senator, University of Maryland (2017-2020)


Multi-modal experience teaching and developing curricula at the university level. I am in my element teaching whether it is international field experiences, in traditional classrooms or hybrid/remote programs. I have taught courses including international studies, international ethics, genocide, practicum/internship and leadership. 

Project Designer and Manager

Extensive experience crafting new programs to meet organizational goals ranging from young alumni engagement to innovative extracurriculars to international field experiences.

Contact me for a project portfolio! 

Paper Craft


Ph.D. International Education and Policy

University of Maryland College Park

Concentration: Environmental and Peace Studies

Advisor: Dr. Jing Lin

Dissertation: Past as Prologue to Peace in Post-Genocide Cambodia

Masters of Education

University of Virginia

Student Affairs Practice and Higher Education

Advisor: Dr. Christian Steinmetz 

Bachelor of the Arts
Trinity University

Drama with a minor in Music

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