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Andy and Annie at the Global Listening Festival

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Dr. Andy Wolvin and I jokingly (and fondly) compare ourselves to Raggedy Anne and Andy, childhood stories we both knew well growing up that celebrated characters who were ever-kind, ever-curious and full of spunk. Although we both were based at the University of Maryland College Park, the university is so large we didn't meet for years when I received a scholarship from the International Listening Association (ILA) to give a talk at their 2018 convention at the Trinity College Dublin. While there, numerous ILA members asked if I knew Andy who "wrote the book" on listening. I did not, but this was soon remedied by an email and a meeting once back at the UMD campus. Since then, Andy and I have joined up for numerous listening research endeavors including our work with New Story Leadership and our pieces related to listening leadership in higher education.

This summer, we joined the inaugural (virtual) Global Listening Festival hosted by Ball State University in Idaho, USA. Our contribution is a fun and brief look inside the motivations of characters like ourselves who strive to make the world a kinder and wiser place through the art of listening. Please enjoy our conversation entitled, Why We Do Listening Research.

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