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Reflections on Listening Alchemy Interview

It was a pleasure in 2021 to be invited by my friend and colleague, Raquel Ark of Listening Alchemy, to have a conversation on the connections between working in peace studies and shared governance on her podcast, Listening Superpower. (hint the connection between these two worlds is the need to listen.)

Our conversation traced my listening path beginning as a kid with my dad asking my to hide and listen to his talks with clients and quizzing me afterward to see how much I remembered. One term of endearment he gave me was "recorder" because this game helped me learn how to remember nearly anything I listen to actively. Little did I realize before my talk with Raquel how this part of my childhood would return as so much of my life I now dedicate to listening in all spheres of my life from being a mom of twins to being a professor and elected representative.

Raquel is based in Germany with her work as coach, listening facilitator and public speaker reaching many parts of the globe. Just being able to have this conversation with her helped me to discover more elements of successful listening that helps those we are working with to feel valued, respected while we work to solve problems together.

I am enamored with podcasts. Maybe it is because my memory works best retaining what I listen to more that what I see. Whatever the case, listening has become a central part of how I approach peace studies and qualitative research with a focus on listening centered interviews and oral history. Hopefully, you enjoy hearing our chat. Please let me know how you listen and how you wish others would listen to you.

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